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Where Improvement becomes your addiction 

Welcome to Blackout Basketball

Skills Classes

Our Skills Classes are broken down into 3 tiers of skill levels. We have Beginner, Intermediate and Elite Classes throughout the year. Every tier has a different structure of training that is provided by our skills coaches . Our trainings are focused on Ball handling, shooting, footwork, finishing and much more.  


Fundamental Classes

Our beginner classes are focused on helping each student master the foundation of fundamentals, such as, ball handling, shooting and passing. Our goal is to help each student have the proper shooting technique, ball control  and build strength to pass and finish with both hands. 

Intermediate Classes

Our Intermediate classes are focused on challenging each student with a new skills set. Kids in this level have quite a bit of experience with the game. This is a great level for students who want to take their game to the next level. Kids are taught game situations to help them apply skills sets during game play.

Elite Classes

Our Elite classes are focused on varies of skill development. We want players to understand how to create and maintain space on the offense end. We include a lot of in-game situations that involving breakdowns of different combination skills to help players get by their defenders and improving their shooting.

Our Goal 

Our goal is to be able to help our players develop their skill in every skills session.  Our goal is to challenge our players to be able to learn in game skills and apply it during game play. We want our students to develop learning techniques be able to train them on their own.  Our goal is to bring a different basketball environment by motivating kids to be their absolute best. Most importantly, our goal is to teach our students to always work hard to achieve their goals.


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